Maximize Your Potential With Practical Sales Skills

Taught by industry-leading sales professionals who will make you job ready in 2 weeks!

What You Get As A Program

is an online competency-based learning and placement company that identifies potential sales talents, train them on sales and business development jobs, and get them placed at top high-growth tech companies

Cohort-Based Programs

Fall 2021 programs begin the week of October 4th. Apply for membership to participate in our next cohort.

2 weeks bootcamp, Part-Time, Virtual, and Intense
Built to take you on a guided, intense, transformational journey to solving a key business problem.

Built + Led by Executives
Every program is built and led by experienced executives from and more.

Application Focused
Focused on helping you apply what you learn rather than memorize concepts.

Live Case Studies w/ Peers
Learn with peers through live case studies from featured leaders across the fastest growing companies.

Scalers for talents


We teach strategies that will help you stay competitive and excel. 

Get trained by best-in-class instructors, join an inspiring community of vetted peers, and get hired.

The best part? Get hired by one of our partner businesses upon successful completion of the bootcamp.

✔️ Close more deals
✔️ Improve conversion rates
✔️ Increase sales and revenues 
✔️ Dominate the industry

Scalers for businesses


So you can enhance your sales and performance

You need a hiring partner who will vet the best candidates for your talent requirements. So you can enhance every important sales metric that matters.
Scale your sales team with qualified, trained, and local talent.

Scalers accepts only high-potential talent and teaches them the skills they need to launch their career in sales.

Our candidates are ready to help you scale and close deals.

✔️ Better conversion rates 
✔️ More sales and revenues
✔️ Lower employee turnover 
✔️ Enhanced customer experience

Our Three Pillars of Success

Our Talents
Our talents, are young professionals who have proven throughout their time with scalers they have the right temperament, skill and knowledge as well as passion to be great sales professionals
Our Instructors
Our Instructors, are experienced Sales professionals working in the biggest companies in Saudi Arabia, they know what it takes to succeed in scales and they know the nature of business in the kingdom.
Our Hiring Partners
Our hiring partners are some of the best and fastest growing scale-ups in Saudi Arabia, they know the value of great sales professionals and they offer a great platform for success to those who are motivated to win.

Scalers Performance in Numbers

Here is a breakdown that shows scalers performance in the past year

Hiring Partners
Learning Hours

Our Commitment To Excellence

Our Programs are a result of continuous research and constant testing, we run experiments frequently to test everything from engagement during the session to effectiveness of the skills we teach. We believe listening is a big part of our success that is why seek feedback from pervious graduates who are excelling in their positions, from our hiring partners and our instructors as well experts in group education and instructional design.


Abdullah Ahmad Al-Qahtani
I gained from this program wonderful relationships that will inshallah stay with me. I learned a lot of skills from the training opportunity and from my cooperation with my colleagues participating in the workshops that took place. This raised my level of awareness in the field of sales and exposed me to the dimensions and nuances that are not known by many.
Yazid alaidan
I applied to the program to develop my skills in negotiations and selling, and the experience was excellent with its events and programs. It was a camp filled with great personalities and creative ideas, a golden opportunity to learn from others and develop soft skills, and finally, a wonderful wonderful experience.
Nawaf Al Sharif
I applied to the program to gain new skills to apply at my work, and I learned the skill, knowledge and familiarity in the field of sales management, it's work cycle and methods, in addition to gaining experience from the work environment. It was a very useful experience and a real addition to my knowledge and work career.