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Why Scalers?

Apply once, get many job offers
When you get accepted, we work hard to get you the best opportunities with our network of hiring partners.
Accelerated hiring process
We're connected with the hiring managers at these organizations. Our graduates received offers within a week of getting promoted.
Learn sales from local market leaders
Our selective instructors come from leading firms. They're outperforming sales talent who have proven track record.
Incentives are aligned
We and our instructors make money when you do. 75% of our fees are only if get a job earning more than SR5K/month.

Frequently Asked Questions by Talent

What does Scalers do exactly?

Why shouldn't I just apply to companies directly?

There are several advantages to letting us help you through your career in sales:
We connect you directly with decision makers. If you’ve ever applied for a role through a job board or a company website, it can seem like your resume has been sent into an abyss. We put you in front of decision makers, fast.
We connect you to companies that fit your skills. Companies differ in what skills they look for in sales. We’ve mapped these differences, and will identify where you’re a good fit.
We can vouch for your skills, beyond your resume. The companies we work with trust our ability to find high quality talent that others can’t, even if your resume isn't perfect.
We save you time. Your initial time investment translates into expert skills and experience that would otherwise take years to develop.
We support you after you're hired. When you join Scalers, you join a community of mentors and classmates. Never take on a work challenge alone, again.
We train you and help you stand out. It’s hard to get noticed in the market. Our application process is competitive, and our training program is intensive. You will learn from experts who have built the modern sales curriculum used at top organizations.
We get 75% of our fee only if you get a great job. We have a huge incentive to get you a great job opportunity. The program tuition fee is SR4000. Pay 1K if get accepted, and 3K only if you get a job earning more than SR5K per month.

Is your program only for sales positions? If so, why?

Yes. The skills required for excelling in sales can be developed at any career stage. We are focused on creating as many jobs for as many people as possible. We hope to add more professions over time.

What happens within the 6-week sales Bootcamp?

Intensive learning activities (two weeks):
Sales Cycle. Learn through the sales cycle, from who would be the right client to closing the deal effectively.
Sales Communication Foundation. Learn skills you need to master to be excellent in sales. This include public speaking, professional communication, and presentation skills.
Professional Career Preparation. We help you be impressive at job interviews. You'll get advice on your resume and profile.
Performance management activities (four weeks):
Individual Upskilling. Once you get hired, we'll get reports from your employer and yourself on your performance. We focus on you individually and help you reach your full-potential at your organization.
One-on-one Mentorship. Get one-on-one mentorship sessions with our network of mentors. Those mentor can help you with specific skills or competencies. You can also discuss your career goals with them.

Is your program part-time or full-time? What is the commitment?

The program is part-time: 6 weeks, first two weeks Suns-Thurs 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Then, 4 weeks less intense schedule for performance management, for employed candidates.
You must be free for 90% of those times. Attendance is taken, and we'll notify your employer or not qualify you for job introductions if you do not complete the mandatory requirements of the course. This requires attending online lectures and submitting progress reports. We outline these requirements in our Terms & Conditions provided once you are accepted into Scalers.

What things are you looking for in participants?

We work with a diverse group of applicants. We do not emphasize where you went to school - or if you went at all. In fact, where you went to college is usually not a great predictor of how well you do in sales.
We care more about your determination, kindness, compassion, patience, curiosity, honesty, and positivity. We value doers, owners, hard workers, connectors, and thinkers. Clear, concise communication, and a commitment to helping others will go a long way.

I've already worked in sales. Is Scalers appropriate for me?

In the meantime, we're focusing on junior sales talent. The range of years in experience in these roles is 0-2 years.

I don't have sales experience on my resume. Is Scalers appropriate for me?

We are looking for signs of sales talent, not just experience.

How much does it cost?

SR4000. You pay 1K when get accepted and 3K only if you get a job. You only pay that if the job offers more than 5K per month.
If you're accepted and didn't get a job offer within a month of starting the Bootcamp, you don't have to pay anything more than the original 1K.
We have structured our fees this way to align our incentive with yours.

Do you only work with startups?

We are here to help you launch a sales and business development career. We help you learn the key skills that employers need. We are adding new companies of different sizes and industries every week, but we’re initially focused on fast-growing startups that need top sales talent.

What happens if I am not accepted into Scalers? Does it mean I can't apply to companies on my own?

No. Our application process is confidential. We will NOT tell any companies that you were not accepted in our program, and it will NOT affect your ability to apply to or get a job at any company. Our process is imperfect, and we encourage you to re-apply.

Can I participate in Scalers without moving to where you are?

Yes. Our training program is 100% online. You do need to commit to participating in all lectures through our virtual classroom, optional one-on-one mentorship sessions with or mentors, and you need to be responsive and communicative in practicing real sales with companies.

Am I free to join any company after participating in Scalers training program? What are my obligations?

You may join any company you wish after our training program, but the hiring partners on our platform are the ones that we have already worked with to accelerate your interview process, and move you directly to the final round interview stage. The tuition payment terms apply for companies on our platform, and other companies not on our platform.
If you’d like to work for a company we are engaged with, that company may pay us a fee for placing you.

I don't really need training, and/or I don't have time. Does it still make sense to apply?

The training program allows us to vouch for your skills with top companies. You must complete the training program to receive those things.