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04 June - 22 June

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What you'll learn

Understanding the customer

To be able to close more deals, you must be able to understand your customers and their needs. Knowing how you can help them is the key to success.

Objection handling

The goal in handling an objection is to resolve a concern in the mind of the customer. Gaining such skill will allow  you to take an extra step towards finalizing the deal with your customer.

Negotiation skills

Being able to negotiate will allow you to create an on-going conversation, to inform your customers of your product/service. This is a killer skill for anyone working in Sales.

Closing & follow-up

You have to understand how to best close the deal, otherwise, your objection handling and negotiations will be wasted. Closing ensures that all processes have been followed, and the sale is happening.

Positions our bootcamp prepare you for

Get hired in the following positions after graduating
Business Development Specialist
Sales Representative
Sales Executive
Business Development Representative
Account Manager
Partnership Associate

Who is it for?

This program is very selective, we are looking for people who are ambitious and hardworking but they also must fulfill certain requirements.

In order to attend the bootcamp you need to meet the following criteria

Fresh graduates and young professionals, 18 to 26 years old.

Willing to work in the Sales and business development field

Saudi nationality.

Note that the majority of jobs are offered in the following cities: Riyadh, Jeddah, Alkhobar

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What is Scalers Bootcamp?

Scalers Bootcamp is a 3-week online train-to-hire program for sales. The Bootcamp will take the participants in a journey through the Sales Cycle, granting them techniques on understanding the customer, presenting solutions, negotiation, objection handling, closing and follow up. The interactive learning will ensure that you will gain not only knowledge, but also a chance to practice the skills and techniques gained during the Bootcamp.

Where and when?

Our bootcamp is 100% remote/online. This will give you the chance to participate in our bootcamp from any city inside of Saudi Arabia. The bootcamp is 3 weeks commitment, 15hrs/week , 3 hours per day from 5.30pm -8.30pm.

Overview of the program

Our content is quite comprehensive, as we guide you from preparation for your journey as a sales professional, to the last cycle in meeting the actual client, which includes the type of questions you ask, how to handle objections and closing as well. A big part of the program is spent on customer discovery, which will help you find the right clients and optimize your time to get the most out of your skills.


Experienced sales professionals working in the largest companies in Saudi Arabia. They know what it takes to succeed in sales and they know the nature of business in the kingdom.

Osamah Alshaalan
Business development director at Gartner

Adventurer, lover and explorer for everything that is new in the world of fun and adventure. Osamah has more than 12 years of experience. He started his journey as an Architect and then moved to STC to pursue his passion in the world of Sales. Oracle was his next stop, and now he works in the international company Gartner.

Naif Bin Khathlan
The Head of supply in Gathern

Instilling motivations and promoting teamwork is his focus. Naif has over 18 years of experience in the Sales field for various industries. He started with the banking sector passing through the Telecommunication, Tourism, and Technology sectors. He worked in SABB bank, Mobily, FOODICS, and now he currently works in Gathern.

Abdullah Alkhaibari
Enterprise sales manager at Riverbed

Natural leader, inspiring visionary, positive attitude. Abdullah has experience in the Sales field for over 9 years. He graduated with a computer science engineering degree and then chose to pursue his passion for Sales. His journey included stops in Oracle, Trend Micro and Microsoft. He currently works in Riverbed.

Jawaher Alshohail
Business architect at SAP

Technology is her primary passion. Jawaher has 7 years of experience in her journey that overflows with learning and the love for the stock exchange market and finance world in Tadawul. Then, she moved to work in one of the biggest Technology company SAP.

What our students say

Abdullah Alsayari

In Scalers Bootcamp I gained knowledge through a different and a unique way. I learned through practise and realistic practical activities. I also gained knowledge through hearing from excellent experts in Sales. I recommend everyone to take this short but great journey.

Mohammed Almarshoud

Many thanks and appreciation for everyone working on this prestigious and rich in knowledge Bootcamp. I benefited from all the detailed sessions and workshops including the awesome guest speakers and all the beautiful discussion that took place. Thank you everyone.

Mohammed Algoufi

This is one of the best experiences I have ever had in my career. It was very rich in content and I learned many things from the experts experiences and overall knowledge.

Ahmed Alamoudi

Improvement in knowledge, inspiring and encouraging Experts, interactive experiences that's beyond great. Amazing discussions with wonderful Instructors, and various things that pulled my attention. The communication was beyond great from the fabulous team in Scalers. I learned about the art of dialogue and the art of responding and communication about the experiences and advice and many more. Thank you thank you thank you for this experience that's beyond great.

Haya Aljabre

Scalers Bootcamp was one of the best experiences I've ever had, great efforts in organizing the Bootcamp, the experts, the content, and the cohort was beyond great.

Rayan Alhowsawi

I've benefited a lot from Scalers Bootcamp and I'm confident and fully ready to dive deeper regardless of the Engineering background of my Bachelor degree. I feel like I'm capable of incorporating scientifically and physically between them in the work force and creatively in the field of Sales. Thank you Scalers.

How does it work?

Only 3-step-process to join our Talent Pool

and pay to confirm your seat
practical skills from Top Saudi practicioners
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Program price

To align our incentives with our students, we're currently offering it for 599 riyals paid upfront & 3000 to be paid when you get a job.

Price includes:
Get access to all the tools you need to excel in sales.
Implementing the sales and business development knowledge you gain during the bootcamp by applying it in live role-plays.
Help you connect with hiring businesses and connect you with our hiring partners to progress to final round interviews and jumpstart your dream career.
599 riyals
paid upfront
+ 3000 riyals to be paid only if you get a job within 6 months, with a minimum salary of 5000 riyals.

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