Remarkably improve your skills in only 5 days, with Scalers Ramadan Course!

Learn the most essential modern professional communication skills through a short and interactive online course.

5 days, 2 hours a day
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What does this program offer?

This course is focused on refining fundamental professional communication skills such as: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. In addition, the course is focused on the most important and commonly sought after skills, applications, and techniques by hiring managers, such as: Professional email writing, meticulous note taking, and captivating idea presentation.

Where and when?

Our course is 100% remote/online. This will give you the chance to participate from anywhere. The course takes place over a 5 day period, 2hrs each day.

What you'll learn

Learn fundamental professional communication skills.

Practice applying practical professional communication skills

Connect with an experienced practitioner in a skill practicing session.

Why Scalers?

Cutting-edge learning platform

Our learning management system is fully online, allowing students to participate regardless of your location.

Best-in-class training

Our training sessions are being delivered by highly accomplished experts, working in the biggest companies in Saudi Arabia.

Our Experts

Experienced professionals working in the largest companies in Saudi Arabia. They know what it takes to succeed in and they know the nature of business in the kingdom.

Hands-on experience

Our training is focused on practice. We believe the best way to guarantee quality to our participants is through hands on training and practicing standard approaches.

Who is it for?

Fresh Graduates

Recent employees (0 - 5yrs of experience)

University/College students

Course price

Topics covered in the course:
Research skills
Professional writing (Emails, Reports)
Active listening skills
Speaking skills
Guidance in using modern communication tools (Slack, Gmail, Google Calendar, Slack)
499 riyals

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