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Hone your coaching skills and learn while helping others learn. We ensure that every hour you spend instructing in our bootcamps is an hour well spent couching and providing value.

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Our students success is also your success. You will have first hand access to young and excitable talent, eager to learn and work.

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Build a network with vetted aspiring young talent, peers of top-performing instructors, hiring businesses, and teaching assistants.

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Instructors that work with Scalers

Osamah Alshaalan
Country leader - Business development at Gartner - (Instructor at Scalers)

My experience with Scalers was enriched from several sides. On the personal side, I worked with a Saudi team that dreams of changing and creating a long-term impact on the lives of others. In practice, I learned a lot about how to translate ideas and knowledge into learnable and publishable content as well as becoming familiar with the experiences of trainees, learning about different markets, and knowing the challenges of each market and sector.

Naif Bin Khathlan
Head of Supply at Gathern - (Instructor at Scalers)

Scalers offers a solution for fast-growing establishments that require a trained sales team ready to enter the market. Participants undergo a training camp through which practical training is carried out that reflects the reality of the market. I personally believe in the value of these training camps and the benefit of Scalers services.

Abdullah Alqahtani
Co-founder in Munjiz - (Assessor at Scalers)

My story with Scalers started when I was a graduate, and I learned a lot with them. They have a fertile environment for creativity and development, and a dedicated team in providing everything that is exceptional to the participants. For me, Scalers will remain a source of pride in developing market outputs in the field of sales and business development.

Khalid AlJehani
Key Account manager - a trading & industries group - (Assessor at Scalers)

I am proud of my participation in the bootcamp that closely introduced me to the efforts of the Scalers team towards creating an interactive educational experience, which is within a renewed practical framework in the field of sales and business development. This enabled me to identify new dimensions and personalities within the business community.

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