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We help you find and hire the best-fit talent faster.
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You can work with us with zero financial risk. Only pay if you hire.
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With our cohort-based programs, you focus on what matters and let us always bring you the talent you need.
We accept less than 1% of applicants. Our rigorous admission process allow us to only accept who's fit.

Frequently Asked Questions by Businesses

What does Scalers do?

Why work with Scalers?

1. We save you valuable time. Don’t spend endless hours interviewing candidates who haven’t even researched your company, let alone have zero sales experience. Our reps have already been enrolled and are getting trained by the industry's leading sales executives. They also already familiar with real sales experience and tools. We provide you with a trusted pipeline of pre-trained, highly qualified sales reps from inspiring backgrounds.
2. We save you valuable money. We save you a fortune on hiring, onboarding, and training. Our sales reps are coached by experts, and already know how to set up and implement the best tools and methods in the industry. Our reps consistently ramp faster than those with no training.
3. We save you valuable effort. Building a sales team is a stressful, time-consuming process. Save months of hiring, onboarding, and training, so your team can focus on results. Our onboarding is fast and tailored to your needs. Get fully productive reps, faster.
4.Our incentives are aligned. We make money when you find the right candidate and select them. Having skin-in-the-game allow us to only work for our hiring partners benefits and helping them scale.
5. We are best in class. Our instructional staff are proven leaders in top sales organizations. Our candidate vetting progress is rigorous and intensive. Our training program is comprehensive, with real sales practice using premier software and methods. We guarantee excellence.

How do you screen candidates?

Applicants to Scalers complete an application and interviews for skills we’ve found that correlate well to success in sales. Less than 1% are accepted into our training program.

How do you train candidates?

Hired participants go through a 6-week, online, interactive sales training program led by experts from the local and international leading sales organizations. They attend online interactive classes, participate in one-on-one mentorship sessions to hone their skills, and submit progress reports.

What type of sales professionals are in your talent pool?

We look for determination, kindness, compassion, patience, curiosity, honesty, and positivity. We value doers, owners, hard workers, connectors, and thinkers with a growth mindset. We have found that those with clear, concise communication, and a commitment to helping others tend to be very successful in modern, consultative sales.

We only match participants who are a good fit for your company. We've mapped our participants' abilities to ensure every placement is tailored to your specific business needs.

Currently, we place candidates in sales representative, account executive, and business development roles.

How much do you charge?

Please contact us for more information.

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